Cascade North: Behind The Name

A few years ago when I first started doing web design, I went by Kenison Design. I was soon hired somewhere else which left me no time to focus on my personal projects. Now that I'm working for a different company in the marketing department, I can revive my passion on the side. This time around, I wanted a name with a deeper meaning rather than something based off of my own name.

Every time I came up with a name that I could get behind, a quick search on Google revealed that it was already taken. After months of brainstorming, I decided to name my web design project Cascade North. Why did I choose Cascade North? What does it even mean? Buckle up for this journey as I take you through the process of developing this name and the meaning behind it.

When you think of the word cascade, you might think of waterfalls, the Cascade Range, or Lake Cascade. It usually defines waterfalls and geological areas around the Northwest where I live.  The dictionary also defines cascade as “a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.” Now this is spot on when it comes down to the goal of marketing as well as what websites do on the surface. It's a word with double meaning as well as a deeper meaning which made it a win-win for me.

Another reason comes from my nerdy obsession with hand-coding websites. A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a styling language that tells the HTML how to look (colors, fonts, sizes, etc.).

North has a more general and personal meaning. I could lie and say I added north to the name because “I want to cascade your business north!” (which I do), but that’s too cheesy. In reality, it refers to my love of the North, especially the Northwest. My experiences in the north have been far superior to the my experiences in the south.

I enjoy vacationing down south every once in a while, but there isn’t a place I’d rather live than the North. New England is full of history (and the home of the Red Sox). The Northwest has fluffy snow, delicious food, and awesome people. Exploring the big cities are fun and when they get overwhelming, it’s easy to escape to the outdoors. There is no place like the Northwest.

For me, the meaning behind a name is the most important quality when it comes to developing a brand. A name can sound cool, but if it doesn't have any meaning behind it, how will your audience relate?

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Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule
Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule