Hit Refresh: The Benefits of Tracking Website Performance

by Chelsea Lamb
August 22, 2022
October 25, 2022

For a business operating in the digital space, a company website serves as a central hub from which it can promote/sell its services, draw insights into its users and manage its customer relations. It’s important, therefore, to monitor the website’s performance - using process mining, performance tracking, security observance, and the right metrics, you can bolster your online impact and elevate your business as a whole.


User Insights

The first immediate advantage of tracking website performance relates to the insights this can give you into your users. With the right tracking tools, you can collect data on click-through rates, browse locations, durations, bounce rates, and more to better understand your customers and their preferences. This can effectively turn your website into a source of information from which the rest of your company can draw its insights from.

Customer Protection

Protecting your customers and their information should be a top priority for any business. Website monitoring can help with this by alerting you to any security breaches as they happen, meaning you can react in time to safeguard your customer’s sensitive information. There are plenty of tools to help you with this and keep you in the loop wherever you are or whatever device you’re using.

Crash Response

Simply keeping your website online can be counted as another key priority, as the minute you lose connection, you’ll also be losing money. To help with this, it can pay off to track activity on your servers so that you can react if the site shuts down or individual pages are failing to load. If you don’t have a web administrator under your employment, there are plenty of tools to help you manage this side of things independently.

Customer Relations

If you have a customer communications widget or a customer service process on your site, it’s important to have alert systems in place in case someone has a query, complaint, or suggestion that needs to be addressed quickly. If a server crashes, it could also mean that you might be unable to send or receive emails.

Added Tips

Process Mining

If you’re interested in finding new ways to align your website with your customers, it could be worth thinking about how process mapping can help. You can use this method to discover more about customer behavior and buying decisions so that you can refine your website to accommodate them. Process mining can also help you to increase sales, manage risks and help you to uncover previously concealed opportunities. You can get started by identifying potential data sources, structuring a timeline, and determining your key stakeholders.

Performance Metrics

As important as the methods you use to monitor your website are the metrics you use to measure its performance. You might, for example, choose to track transaction/conversion rates to see how many visitors are actually making purchases/submitting their information, thereby establishing leads. Alternatively, you may be more interested in how long customers stay on particular pages, as this can give you a clearer idea of content quality. Whatever you choose to measure should always align with your wider objectives & key results (OKRs).

Monitoring your website’s performance is crucial for any business that wants to better understand its relationship with its customers or gain insight into how products/services are being received. With constant tracking of performance, you can continue to improve your methods for the best results.

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