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Improved Design & Security

Insecure WordPress plugins left FA Engineering’s old website vulnerable. As a result, people visiting the website were served malicious adware on every page. Thankfully, we were able to redesign, build, and publish the new website way ahead of schedule.


FA Engineering

What We Did

Web Design, Web Development, Content Management

Live Website


FA Engineering

No More Adware

For the most part, we kept the page structure the same and added redirects for any pages that were moved or merged. Since we had to completely rebuild their previous website, we took the opportunity to clean up the design and layout to make it feel new and more consistent.

Now that the website is secure and doesn't rely on WordPress plugins to function, visitors don't have to worry about infecting their computers while browsing the site.

The true hero of this project is Katie. She was awesome to work with and gathered all of the content so we could get this website up and running ASAP.