Goody's Website & Rebrand

Pocatello's Favorite Deli & Pub

Goody's Deli & Pub does its job by making the best sandwiches and pizzas in town. Our job is to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.


Goody's Deli & Pub

What We Did

Web Design, Web Development, Content Management, Branding

Live Website

Goody's Deli & Pub

Mobile-friendly Menu & Tap List

Before we came along, it was hard to find their menu online unless you stumbled upon the picture of their outdated menu on Google. Goody's needed a mobile-friendly place to show off their menu and rotating tap list.

Our job was to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. We gave Goody's a website with an organized menu, a clean daily specials section, and a tap list that can be updated whenever a new beer makes its way to the Goody's Pub. With a little bit of JavaScript magic, we made the Daily Specials section on the homepage update automatically to reflect the current daily specials.

Thanks to the Content Management System, the website is easy to update whenever something on the menu changes, a new promotion is running, or when they have any job opportunities available.

Branding A Pocatello Icon

Goody’s Deli & Pub is a Pocatello Icon and their logo is easily recognized by the Pocatello community. After the restaurant was remodeled, it was time for a brand refresh as well.

We kept the style similar to the iconic logo that everyone has known for decades and gave it a modern update. We also developed a branding guide and created supporting logos to be used on their website, social media, restaurant menus, and TV displays.