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Jim Dandy's original website was simple and informative, but it lacked the most important thing a brewery website should have - beer. They needed a website where they could show off their main beer lineup, update their ever-changing tap list, and post upcoming events and weekly specials. Our goal was to give Jim Dandy everything a brewery website should have to go hand-in-hand with their strong social media presence.

We delivered a 100% custom website built to their specific needs centered around their beer and brand. The website highlights the brewery's flagship beers and neatly organizes the rest of their delectable crafts. We took the tap list a step further by creating a custom filter to help newcomers find their next favorite beer by narrowing the list down based on desired alcohol content, bitterness, and style. Each beer on the list has a dropdown with a description, available taproom glass sizes, and whether or not it's available to go in 4-packs or Dandy Cans.

Thanks to the powerful content management system, Jim Dandy can update their online beer list to keep it current with what they have on tap, add upcoming events that will automatically be removed after the event has passed, and edit the rest of the website content at will.

Completing this project reinforced the idea that websites are more fun to make when you already love the product.

Screenshot from live website
Screenshot from live website
Screenshot from live website

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