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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

There are several factors that determine how much a website will cost. The biggest factors are the number of pages, the type of website, and the amount of integrations. Our custom websites start out at $1,499 and go up from there. Contact us today for a pressure-free instant website quote fit to your specific needs.

Is it a one-time cost or a monthly payment?

There is a cost to build the website and a small monthly payment for hosting and support once the website is complete and approved by you. We ask for 50% before we start building and 50% once the website is finished, but before it goes live. The monthly payment depends on the type and the size of the website.

How accurate is the instant website quote?

The instant website quote is as accurate as the information you provide. However, the quoted price can change based on deeper discussions about your website needs.

Can you fix my Wix/Wordpress website?

We can, but we won't. We proudly use Webflow to build all of our websites. This gives us more control over the design and functionality of the website and eliminates the need to work with insecure plugins that require constant updates. If you are interested in making the move to Webflow, we can help!

Why should I trust Cascade North?

We wouldn't be a Webflow Professional Partner if we didn't have the skills or knowledge to provide you with a stunning website that gets results!

Does Cascade North have a referral program?

We do! Our referral program is super simple and can save you up to $20/month on monthly hosting/support.

Kind words About Us

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"Cascade North was amazing to work with"

Cascade North was amazing to work with, very professional, and communicative with ideas to make our website what it needed to be. If you are looking for a web designer, he is your guy!

Hailee Gove
Jim Dandy Brewing

"I would definitely recommend Cascade North"

John built a website for our business. He has good communication, ideas, and was great to work with. I would definitely recommend Cascade North.

Jennifer Cornell
Gate City Carpet Cleaning

"Working with Cascade North was exceptional"

Working with Cascade North was exceptional. He helped us transform our local woodworking business into an entity that is connected to a larger audience through social media - with a well-organized website exposing our products to many. This old-school thinker of 50+ years would never have made that transition without him.

Ken Stone
Stone Woodworking & Design

"Increased demand for my services and increased my revenue significantly"

A more professional appearance increased demand for my services and increased my revenue significantly. I highly recommend Cascade North for anyone looking to take their business to the next level, you will be glad you did.

Brody Fitch
Brody Fitch Live Music

"I would recommend Cascade North for your next web project!"

I worked with John on a rebuild of our existing site that was infected with adware. He was fast, courteous, and our new site looks great! I would recommend Cascade North for your next web project!

Katie Lewis
FA Engineering

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